The Legend of the Panda Girl (Onna Kumaneko no Denki, 女熊猫の伝記) is the sixth episode of Murenase! Seton Gakuen anime. It will be aired on February 11, 2020.




A new transfer student was coming and the school was making preparations for it and each student had to do something. Ranka drew a hot spring, which was super hard, but the cooking club had to do it now. On the day of the arrival, Jin was left alone working on the hot spring, while the rest went to meet the new student, who was one of the three rarest animals, the idol panda Meimei.

Meimei and her managed Fonfon, then went to Amano and Gigas Terano, where Fonfon said he will be observing the next two days, to see if the school is okay for Meimei. Amano then treated Meimei with some bamboo leafs, but before she ate them, Meimei saw it wasn't the umbrella bamboo she enjoys, being offended, she decided to leave. Fonfon quickly made a call to bring her umbrella bamboo at his expense.

On the first day, Miki was put to take Meimei around school, but Meimei was bored and wanted Miki to do something funny or she will leave. After some discussing with the other naked mole rats, Miki took her clothes, making a pun, but Meimei had already left, thinking it would be more fun looking around by herself. She met King, who was observing Shiho and told her that he was cutting his mane, but since he can't see Shiho, there is no need to cut it anymore. Meimei didn't fully listen to him and decided to help him cut his mane and then cut out large large portion of his mane. As she kept wondering around, she smelled the panda dumplings that Jin had made in the cooking club. She went and ate all the dumplings, which shocked everyone. Meimei then revealed she was panda, as she had used King's mane to disguise herself. Meimei wanted Jin to make more and said how well she is treated for being a panda, but Jin looked down on her and called her stupid panda and then threw her out of the room. Meimei couldn't believe that someone treated her like that for the first time in her life.

On the second day, Meimei went to Jin, asking him if he will make her more dumplings, but he refused. Fonfon then lifted a yellow card at Jin for having rude comments about Meimei and mentioning he can be executed in their country if they cause stress to a panda, but Jin didn't care. She was told that the club decide together what they will cook. Later Meimei got Yukari a delicacy from dried bat feces, which made Yukari like her. Meimei and Fonfon then gave Miyubi a scooter, so she can move freely. They also told Ranka that Meimei fans will join her pack and that they are 1.3 billion. When Jin went to the cooking club room, the members wanted he to make panda dumplings and he realized Meimei had brought them off. Hitomi said it was okay, but Jin then saw she had a silk panda apron and was shocked she was brought too. Jin agreed, but told Meimei she will be helping out too. Meimei started helping, but was annoyed and in the end threw the food on the ground. Jin got angry and told her to pick it, Fonfon wanted he to do it, but Jin told him Meimei must do it. Having no choice she picked it and realized she was liking how Jin was abusing her. As they finished making the dumplings, Meimei wanted them all for herself and as she tried them, Jin told her they taste better than yesterdays ones, as she made them herself. Ranka then invited Meimei to join their club, but Fonfon warned Meimei that she will be treated badly by Jin everyday. She started considering it, but Jin was against it, not wanting the selfish panda. Meimei had decided to enroll and to join the cooking club and in the end Jin agreed only if all the members agree and told her there was one more member.

On the next day, Meimei came to meet the other member Kurumi, but as she entered she startled it. She tried greeting her, but Kurumi was aggressive. As the house cats don't easily accept newcommers, Jin said they either have to chase the panda or make it comfortable for the cat. They ended up putting Meimei in a cage, which she ended up enjoying and with Meimei in a cage, Kurumi felt better. The whole day passed, but Kurumi still haven't accepted Meimei, who was still wanting to stay in her cage until Kurumi accepts her. They ended up leaving Meimei in the cage for the night. At some point, Meimei noticed Kurumi in the room and thought she looked beautiful. Meimei told her that she will stay in the club, no matter if Kurumi accepts her or not, she was always being treated nicely everywhere, but this was the first time she felt fun and wanted to stay with Jin and the rest. Kurumi remembered how she felt, but then left from the window.

In the morning, Meimei woke up with a blanked on her and a naked more rat as present. The rat woke up, scared from the cat and yelling for Miki to save him. The club members then entered and Meimei told them that Kurumi had accepted her. Jin was skeptical, but thought it was enough and opened the cage. Kurumi then came in and greeted Meimei. Kurumi showed some affecting, but as Meimei wondered if they are friends now, Kurumi just left. Jin told her that at least Kurumi is not hating her and Meimei was welcomed to the club. Ranka told Meimei that she needs to lick her since she is the boss, Meimei felt embarrassed, but went and licked Jin for everyone's shock. Ranka explained she was the boss and she needed to lick her, not Jin. Hearing that Meimei blamed Jin for toying with her again.

Later the girls were enjoying the hot spring that Jin had build. Ranka wondered if she didn't catch a cold when she spend the night in the cage, but Meimei told her Kurumi gave her a blanket. It was revealed the blanket was Jin's and that he gave it to Meimei, as he now had a cold due to sleeping without it.

Later as classes ended, Iena was still feeling uncomfortable wearing female uniform. She felt some strong presence behind her, but saw the bald King. King then saw Shiho, who was told by her captain that its dangerous to be around carnivores and they left. King got angry and Iena realized he wasn't just some bald dude.








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