Chroe Mashima (馬縞 クロエ, Mashima Kuroe) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Chroe is a young girl with white and black hair with pink ribbon and long ponytail. She has two zebra ears on top of her head and yellow and green eyes. She is usually in a school uniform and wears a long stripped socks. She has a zebra tail, that's only fluffy at the end, but usually keeps it hidden.


Chroe thinks highly of herself and that she is some noble. She takes pride in her herd and always acts like someone important. Since zebras are closer to donkeys and not horses, she tried to hide that fact and feels really embarrassed when that's brought up.




Ranka Ookami went and begged Chroe to join her herd and Chroe accepted she being her pack horse. As they walked around school, Ranka was carrying Chroe's luggage, but as she dropped it, Chroe warned her she will pay if something was damaged. Chroe was about to whip Ranka, when Hitomi Hino interrupted asking she to not do it and saying that Chroe could carry some of the luggage too, since that wasn't a good way to make friends. Chroe explained that Ranka begged her to join her herd and in the end she accepted. As Ranka explained her reasons, Chroe felt annoyed she wanted to join another pack and tried hitting her, but Jin Mazama stopped her. Looking him in the eyes, Chroe backed off and told Ranka she was fired, as she wasn't fitting their proud and noble horse herd. Jin wondered what right she had to say that and Chroe's herd explained she was a zebra, a rare stripped horse. Jin then told everyone that zebras were donkeys and explained how they were closer to them than horses. Chroe started panicking, telling everyone that Jin was lying and kept asking for a proof. Jin then lifted her up and revealed her tail, which was only fluffy at the end, like with donkeys. Chroe then felt really embarrassed and ran away. After this revelation, Chroe ends up joining the donkeys and takes interest in the card battles they often play.


  • She is the current world champion of Magic: The Donkeys, the card game she and the other donkeys frequently play and a parody of the real-world game Magic: The Gathering, though the design of the cards in the manga resemble Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.



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