Ferryl Ookami (大狼フェリル, Ōkami Feriru) is a supporting character in the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Ferryl is an extremely tall girl with long pink hair and a pair of wolf ears on top of her head. She has a pink fluffy wolf tail and orange-yellow eyes.


Ferryl used to have a complex about her height, but upon learning she became big because she was giving her coat to her sister, she actually started to be proud of her height. She really loves her sister and is ready to do anything for her, thus she often accepts and do what her sister wants as she can't bear the thought of Ranka hating her. She also began to develop feelings towards Gigas-Terano due to his ferocity and size.


By far, she is one of the strongest characters in the series, even for her species as she occasionally beats up 3 bears with ease. sent 2 Killer Whales flying to the sky. And at one point was able to wrestle down a Pteranodon an Spinosaurus teacher.


Since Ranka had left their home, Ferryl took her pack into Seton Academy to look for her. She wondered if Ranka will recognize her, but as she saw Jin calling her stupid dog, she got angry and quickly entered the cooking club while breaking the door. She picked Ranka and they started licking each other being happy. Jin explained that Ferryl got big as she was giving her coat to Ranka and in cold climate animals tends to get bigger in order to maintain body heat. Hearing that Ferryl overcame her height complex and became proud of it. Ferryl explained her only goal was to take Ranka back home, but as Ranka refused and said she had a pack already, having no choice Ferryl decided to take Jin in her pack, so Ranka can come too. As she was about to lick Jin, Ranka stopped her, telling her she won't forgive her if she do something to her friends. Hearing how Ranka acted towards her, a wolf boss, Ferryl got angry and was about to punish Ranka, but as Ranka said she will hate her forever, Ferryl got into a shock and had to be taken out by Kuromori.

Ferryl kept lurking around school and fought some animals as a territory war was happening. But as she heard Ranka, she quickly went into hiding. Later she still ended up revealing her and that she was around and explained she just wanted to protect Ranka, but Ranka kept telling her to leave.


  • Noted by the author, Ferryl's name has 2 possibilities of origin, one is based from the wordplay 'feral', and the other, ironically is a wordplay coming from the name of Fenrir, one of Loki's offspring from Norse Mythology and was considered the more popular theory due to Fenrir being a giant wolf
  • Ferryl is considered by many as a siscon.
  • She is one of the strongest characters in the series, as she is also one of the only modern species that takes on extinct species (in the omake, she is shown to strangle a Pteranodon and kicked a Spinosaurus right to the face).



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