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Gigas Terano (寺野ギガス, Terano Gigasu) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.


When he was younger, Terano attended Mesozoic Academy during the late Cretaceous Period. During this time, a meteor was on a collision course towards Earth.

It is currently unknown how he survived the mass extinction that followed.


Terano-sensei has the appearance of a large red Tyrannosaurus rex. He wears a suit: a white shirt, tie and pants. Terano-sensei has 3 three fingers like other theropods (in real life Tyrannosauruses has 2 fingers).

Unlike the other dinosaurs whose full height is predetermined. Terano suddenly increased his growth to his present size and height back when he was still a student, rather than growing into it over time.


Terano-sensei has the tendency to scare the students by threatening to eat them, but as that scares the students, they always listen to him.

Despite his intimidation tactics and menacing appearance, he is shown to be a polite and well-mannered teacher who cares for the well-being of everyone at the academy.


As a Tyrannosaurus, he is one of very few dinosaurs to have binocular vision, a trait that allowed both of his eyes to focus on one object.

His senses of smell and hearing were also very sharp, as they allowed him to detect and track down others with ease.

Being a Tyrannosaurus, he has the strongest bite force of any animal. He also used brute force to take down a former classmate and bully, Mikeo.


Terano-sensei went at the Seton Academy's entrance ceremony and quickly brought order and lined up the students. Later, he was called by Hitomi Hino, as three bears attacked her, Jin Mazama and Ranka Ookami. As Terano-sensei came, he bit one of the bears and threatened to make them extinct and proceed chasing them.

Jurassic Youth Arc 

During his younger years, Terano studied at Mesozoic Academy. There his friends were 2 fellow Tyrannosaurus. It was at this time he had a crush on a Carcharodontosaurus girl named Sameno Tosako, who has a dream of becoming a teacher one day. It was also revealed that he is occasionally bullied by the school's delinquent, a Siats Meekerorum named Mikeo. Who usually towers over the younger Terano with great size. After discovering a meteor is going to collide to Earth. He made attempts in bonding with Sameno, it didn't turn well at first due to unintentionally making fun of Sameno's dream but the two eventually bonded along and this is when Terano finally understood Sameno's dream and tried to make their remaining days memorable for her until the next day Mikeo began causing trouble, doing everything he wants before extinction, and trying to kill Terano was one of his plans. A fight ignited between Sameno and Mikeo, Mikeo gained the upper hand and stripped Sameno's clothes. Which angered Terano to the point he grew at a fast rate and proceeds to tackle and defeat Mikeo with brute force. However, the whole moment was short lived due to the meteor's arrival. Causing the Dinosaur's extinction. Terano never got the chance to confess to Sameno due to getting engulfed within the chaos following the aftermath. Terano became a teacher later on and still holds hope that he will meet Sameno someday. 


  • The reason why his eyes are always drawn shaded may be a reference to how T-Rex and other dinosaurs eye sockets are always shown to be pitch black in various media and in real life.
  • While the manga states that he is approximately 123 years old, the theoretical lifespan for Tyrannosaurus Rex was around 20-40 years. Moreover, dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, and he was present for the mass extinction event.
  • His subject of expertise is history.
  • Shown in the Jurassic Youth Arc, Terano was not the only Tyrannosaurus Rex.