Hitomi Hino (牝野 瞳, Hino Hitomi) is one of the main heroines of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Hitomi is a young girl with long brown hair. She wears a hair pin on her left side that holds her hair and reveals her left side of her forehead.


Hitomi is nice and as the only other human, she easily becomes friends with Jin. She loves cooking and decides to make her own cooking club, wanting to teach others how to cook and how enjoyable cooking is.


Hitomi has shown talent in cooking, an essential skill most humans are capable of achieving. This is especially useful since the cafeteria options at the school are mostly catered to animals, so cooking helps her make sure she has something suitable for her diet.


During the lunch break at the cafeteria, Hitomi approached Jin Mazama and wondered if she could join him. She had her own lunch prepared, as she loved to cook and also knew what food was served there. They had a fun conversation, but Ranka Ookami then appeared, telling her to fight her if she wanted Jin. Hearing that and thinking there may be something between Jin and Ranka, Hitomi decided to leave.

On the next day, she called Jin outside during their break. There she revealed that she wanted to make a cooking club and teach others how fun was the cooking. Ranka again appeared, telling her again to fight her if she wanted Jin. Jin tried to chase Ranka away and even said he formed a pack with Hitomi, who was a bit embarrassed hearing that, but Jin explained it was the cooking club she was forming. Hearing Jin formed a pack with Hitomi, Ranka left.

Later Jin was helping her carry equipment for the cooking club, when they saw Ranka carrying luggage for Chroe Mashima and being laugh at by everyone. As Chroe wanted to hit Ranka, Hitomi intervened and asked Chroe to not do it and help her carry the luggage as that isn't how friends are made. Chroe explained that Ranka begged her to join her herd and she had no choice but to accept her. As Jin got involved and shamed Chroe for being closer to a donkey, than a horse, Hitomi tried to help Ranka, but she ran away.

A bit later, Hitomi had found Ranka and asked her if she wanted to be her friend, but then three bears appeared behind Hitomi. They wanted to have fun with her as they got tired of eating honey, but Ranka was trying to defend her. In the end they got Hitomi, but as Jin arrived and Ranka jumped on one of the bears, Hitomi managed to escape. Few minutes later, Hitomi returned with Gigas Terano-sensei, who chased the bears away. Jin finally agreed to be in Ranka's pack and she kissed and started licking him. Seeing that Hitomi tried to leave, but Ranka welcomed her to the pack too and started licking her.


  • Hitomi used to be in a swimming club when she was in middle school
  • She has stated that she had never seen another human female before, which suggests that her mother had either left her family or died shortly after Hitomi was born.



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