Iena/Yena Madaraba (斑刃 イエナ, Madaraba Iena) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.


As a young child, Iena was often picked on by other hyena children for wearing boy's clothing and her claim to be a male. This caused her to be ashamed about how her face looked, wishing to look more like her father. However, after her father told her that she looked just like her late mother and would certainly be as strong as she was, she started to feel proud of her look and has been ever since.


Iena is a spotted hyena with short brown hair, light brown eyes and typically dressed in male clothing. Her face, according to herself and her father, is the spitting image of her mother's.


A very dominant person who becomes angry when she is called a female.


Iena is shown to be very strong, even for a normal spotted hyena. More than once, she was able to take out several opponents on her own. 

Like other spotted hyenas, Iena is shown to have incredibly strong bite force, capable of biting through bones with ease.


Due to her confusion of hyena biology at a young age, she believes she is a male until Jin tells her that all female hyenas have "one" as well. She attempts to become more feminine with the help of the cooking club. In the end, she decides to go back to her old habits but doesn't mind being referred to as -chan(female honorific) or -kun(male honorific).


  • Her name Iena/Yena derived from her species, Hyena.[1]
  • Her strength and mannerisms are similar to alpha female spotted hyenas.


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