King Shishino (獅子野キング, Shishino Kingu) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.


Once he became two years old, King was chased out of the pride he was born into, as is the case for all male lions. Some time afterwards, he would later assemble a harem of his own, thanks to his strength and large mane.


King is an obese man with a lion head with black & red t-shirt, white pants, and brown shoes and formerly had a black and blonde mane.

In Chapter 101, King has gone on a diet and his appearance changes drastically. He is now much slimmer over all and with a more well toned figure, making him look like a different person.


As a lion, he doesn't really do anything and leaves all of the tasks to his harem. They do everything for him, carry him, bring him food, brush his mane and follow his orders.

He doesn't look at his harem as objects. As he fell in love with an impala Shiho Ihara, he decided to cut his mane and lose his harem, rather than letting Shiho get hurt.


Even though his harem does all of the work for him, as a lion, King is shown to be a very powerful and resilient fighter. This trait is key for male lions in order to protect their pride from would-be challengers. This is demonstrated when a group of lions attacked him to take his harem, as he was able to resist a simultaneous attack from four of the opposing lions and was later able to subdue them with his great strength. 


While waiting for his harem to bring his food, he saw Shiho outside and fell in love with her. He tried sending his harem to inform her of his feelings, but they only ended up scaring her. King then turned to Jin Mazama, as he heard he and Ranka were the only other interspecies couple in school. When his harem brought Jin and Ranka, he asked for advice and following Ranka and Jin's words, he tried talking with Shiho and explaining his feelings, but as he looked intimidating, Shiho began to run away from him and he ending up chasing her.

After several attempts, King ended up feeling down, but another lion suddenly came wanting to challenge King for his harem. King accepted, but as the lion knew he couldn’t win, he revealed he had taken Shiho as hostage and wanted King to give up his harem. King couldn’t do that, as the lionesses weren't objects, so the lion send out his friends to beat up King, who took the beating since he didn't want Shiho to get hurt. But as the lion considered eating Shiho once he gets King's harem, King got angry and easily defeated the other lions. King faced the lion, who started asking for mercy, but King then cut off his mane, saying that he will lose his harem now and asked the lion to release Shiho. His harem did end up leaving him, as they loved him for the mane. King apologized to Shiho for chasing her and that it was due to wanting to talk with her. As she wondered for what, he explained his feelings, but as the feelings weren't mutual, Shiho suggested they could start as friends, which King gladly accepted.





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