Kurumi Nekomai (猫米クルミ, Nekomai Kurumi) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.


Prior to her enrollment at Seton Academy, she attended Seton Academy Middle School. There she was recognized as Miss Female, a title she claimed for three years straight.


Kurumi is a young girl with long pink hair tied with two red ribbons. She has green eyes and two cat ears on her head.


Kurumi loves napping and tends to purr to manipulate people to her desires, for which is used to get what she wants. She wants to be a part of the cooking club, but doesn’t want to admit it, so she follows and observe them all the time.


As a cat, she is shown to be a very skilled and nimble climber, being able to scale trees and jump between branches and windows. However, just like many other domestic cats, she seems to not know how to climb down correctly, and may end up stuck. She is able to safely land on her feet should she fall from a great height, shown in the manga when Jin pushed her off a cliff to win a downward climbing race during field day.

Kurumi also makes good use of her purring. Using a special kind of purr to stimulate other animal’s nurturing instincts, she can manipulate others to get what she wants, though this doesn’t affect everyone, and may not always work.


Kurumi was observing the cooking club, and when they decided to get some vegetables from the gardening club, she revealed herself. Yukari Komori recognized her as the girl that won Miss Female three years in a row, Kurumi Nekomai. They wondered if she wanted to join their club, but Kurumi wasn't interested and said she only wanted to just watch them for a bit. As she started purring, Hitomi and Yukari got sort of hypnotized and agreed she to stay and watch.

They went to the gardening club to ask for vegetables, but the boar club president told them they couldn’t share, as of lately they didn’t have enough, guessing someone was stealing. As the boars had bad eyesight, he wasn't able to see two other boars who were stealing in that moment. Kurumi went and started purring asking for vegetables and the president started to soften. The two stealing boars then came giving them food, telling her that they can take as much as they want as the president wasn't noticing. As they slipped, the boar president realized they were stealing the food and started chasing them.

Back at the cooking club, Kurumi was helping them cook and Hitomi and Yukari were congratulating her on how good she was doing. Kurumi then went to Jin and asked him if Ranka was his girlfriend, but he declined. She then touched his nose with hers, which surprised him, but Kurumi explained that's how cats say hello. Kurumi then told everyone she had an idea where all of them leave the cooking club and start a napping club with her, as cooking was too much hard work. She tried purring again, but for her surprise, no one agreed with her. As she got annoyed, Kurumi then left, saying she didn't want to join their club anyway.

She kept following Jin around and as they got a new members, Jin called her out. She entered from the window, explaining she was just passing by, but Jin knew she wanted to join the club and her tail being up was revealing her intentions. While Kurumi did admit that she felt envious of them, she quickly denied the fact, then said she never wanted friends and to join their club and ran away. But on the next day, she kept observing the cooking club, and has been considered a member ever since.


  • Kurumi was Miss Female three times in a row in Seton Academy Middle School.



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