Meimei (苺苺 (メイメイ), Meimei) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Meimei is a young girl with long blond hair with side black bangs and two panda ears. She has a green eyes and wears shades.


As a panda, Meimei is spoiled and is used to get everything she wants and be treated nicely by anyone. When she meets Jin, for the first time in her life, someone treats her badly, but surprisingly to her, she starts to enjoy being abused and offended by him.




Meimei went to Seton Academy with her manager Fonfon. She was offered some bamboo by Amano-sensei, but since it wasn't her favorite she wanted to leave. Fonfon had to order her favorite immediately to calm her down. On the next day, she was supposed to be walked around by Miki, but she decided to do so alone thinking it would be more fun. As she walked around school, she ended up being attracted by panda dumplings smell from the cooking club and went and ate them all. Surprisingly to her, she got treated badly by Jin and thrown out when she demanded more dumplings.

On the next day, Jin was still refusing to make her more, but as she learned the club members decide what to be cooked, she went and bribed all of the members. Having no choice Jin agreed to make some, but told Meimei she will be working too. As she did, she got annoyed and threw the food on the ground, but Jin made her pick it up. For her surprise she started enjoying being abused by him. She decided to enroll in Seton Academy and to join the cooking club, but Jin was against it and in the end told her she needs to get everyone on the club to agree. On the next day, she met Kurumi, the cat, who didn't like Meimei. Needing to make Kurumi feel better, they had to put Meimei on a cage, who ended up spending the night in it, as she wasn't giving up on joining the club. During the night, she explained to Kurumi this was the first time she felt fun and wanted to stay with Jin, Kurumi recalled how she was feeling and accepted her. In the morning Meimei told the club members she was accepted by Kurumi, but Jin was skeptical, yet decided it was enough and released her from the cage. Kurumi then showed up and showed some affection to Meimei, which was proof for her words and the club ended up accepting her. Ranka said she needs to lick the boss to be welcomed and Meimei ended up licking Jin, instead of the actual boss Ranka and then blamed Jin for messing with her again.


  • Her name is written 苺苺 in Chinese; which means “raspberry". Another possible translation could be 妹妹, which would mean “sister”, more specifically a term for a younger sister.
  • One of her favourite food is the Chinese bamboo variation, Umbrella Bamboo (華桔竹, Fargesia Spathacea).[1]
  • She is bilingual, being able to speak Japanese and Mandarin, the latter being her native language. 
  • She is the first Chinese animal characters in the series.
  • Her nationality is Chinese along with Fonfon and Yangyang due to being able to speak Mandarin. And her species; Giant Panda along with Red Panda, and Yangtze River Dolphin came from China.


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