Miki Hadano (肌野 ミキ, Hadano Miki) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Miki is a young girl with long black hair, blue eyes and two mice-like ears on her head and a long hairless mice tail.


As Miki is a naked mole rat, she prefers staying with no clothes and when its in the student council room or somewhere more private, she is quick to remove her clothes. Wearing clothes actually makes her feel embarrassed, but to perform her duties as student council president outside the room, she have no choice but to wear some. She also doesn't really understand why other animals want to wear clothes.




Miki was observing the cooking club and was disagreeing with them making interspecies relationships, so she decided to put an end to the cooking club. She put her student council members to investigate the club and as they gathered information about Jin and Ranka, Miki thought Jin wanted to start a multi-species harem. Not wanting to allow that, she told her team to gather more evidence for it and as they did follow Jin while the lion King Shishino asked him for help about his love interest the impala Shiho Ihara, she had enough information to even think that he was also manipulating others into starting interspecies relationships.

Miki headed for the cooking club, but on her way there, she met Kurumi Nekomai and her naked mole rat team decided to stay and sacrifice themselves while she managed to escape. Miki managed to reach the club and as she entered she quickly took off her clothes, calling Jin a pervert and explaining his plan for the multi-species harem. She wanted to disband the club, but after hearing Hitomi, decided to leave it if they kick out non-human students. But then Ranka came with the naked mole rats, which she had saved from Kurumi. As she had told them she joined the club to make friends, and not be in a harem, the rats believed her and pursued Miki to change her mind. Listening to their request, Miki accepted it and decided to not disband the club, but still planned to monitor their activities.





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