Miyubi Shishio (獣生ミユビ, Shishio Miyubi) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Miyubi is a tall girl with long blond hair and some moss on her head, and has purple eyes.


Since Miyubi is a sloth, she is usually very slow and easily gets overheated or tired. She keeps some moss on her head, if she gets hungry. She is usually very quiet and not everyone can hear her. As she is a sloth, she doesn't really have friends and spends most of her time alone. When Ranka invited her in the club, she found some friends, which made her really happy.


Overexerting herself will cause Miyubi to die at any moment. However, Miyubi somehow has the ability to shortly revive herself from death each time it happens.

Miyubi normally moves at a slow pace, but as a Brown-Throated Sloth, she is shown to be a good swimmer. This is seen during the academy’s field day race, where she was able to swim across the lake course at a much faster pace than she usually exhibits on land.


Ranka Ookami had invited Miyubi to the cooking club and she went to call Jin Mazama to meet Miyubi. As he came, he thought Miyubi was dead as she also had moss on her head. Miyubi explained it to Ranka, who then explained to Jin that she keeps the moss to it eat sometimes and Jin realized she must be a sloth. Jin didn't really want to take her in the club, but due to teacher's pressure, he helped her go to her dorm. Miyubi was walking very slowly and fell on the ground as she overheated, so Jin had no other choice than carry her.

As they went in her room, Jin was wondered if it wasn't someone else room, as it was full of sports equipment, but Ranka explained Miyubi was trying to find the perfect sport for her. Miyubi asked Ranka to help her take a bath and Ranka undressed her and put her in the tube, but as she didn't see any soap, she left to get some and left Jin to watch over her. Miyubi overheated and started drowning, but Jin saved her and helped her take a colder shower. As he dressed her up, he wanted to leave, but Miyubi stopped him and went to prepare some tea as thanks for letting her in the club. Miyubi explained she was lonely and after Ranka's invitation, she felt happy she could get some friends. When Ranka came back, she was with the rest of the cooking club, and Jin ended up accepting Miyubi and they all welcomed her to the club.


  • She is actually a genius when it comes to science, as revealed during the Midterms study session.
  • It was revealed that she used to be a champion player in the card games the donkeys usually play, going by the name “Slow Cyclone”. However, she ended up retiring since the cards were too heavy for her.



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