Image Policy

Acceptable Images

  • Images related to the series and are from directly from the author, publisher or any other official source.
  • Only .gif or .png file extensions. This is standard requirement for the wiki system and many file extension types (such as .BMP) are not uploadable.

Unacceptable Images

  • Collages
  • Fanart of any form, for any reason
  • Images unrelated to Murenase! Seton Gakuen
  • Files in any other format other than .png or .gif
  • Images with watermarks
    • The exception is if it is an a official watermark.
  • Images with potential spoilers until the official chapter/volume are released.
  • Images for your profile should not be uploaded to the wiki. Please upload them to another image sharing site and import them here.
  • Nudity and any other kind of image that shows explicit scenes, even if it's from an official source, according to Wikia's Terms of Use.
  • Duplicate images.
  • Fake images.
  • Uploading images and not using them.

External Links

  • Please refrain from posting or sharing external links of unofficial site especially from a site that distributes/shares contents or works illegally.
  • Note: External links that does not comply with our policies will be removed, and further action could result in temporary or permanent ban from this Wiki.

Transliteration of Names/Words

  • Until the official transliteration of names/words are released publicly in any medium, unofficial/fans' transliteration are allowed to be used in articles.
  • Note: If the official transliteration either Japanese or English includes more than one transliteration (not an error) in any medium, then that transliterated name/word is allowed.


  • Until the chapter/volume is released by a publicly accessible site, that chapter/volume's information is considered to be a spoiler. Until the official released, it is simply forbidden to add any information from it (including the chapter/volume's title), and the edits should be reverted on sight. The information, as insignificant it might seem, might ruin the fun of reading a just-released chapter/volume for some.


Vandalism is when you deliberately mess up edits, images, or any other thing on the wiki. This is not tolerated on the wiki and could result in a punishment by the wiki Administrators.

Things Considered Vandalism

These are some things considered as vandalism:

  • Destroying previous, correct edits of editors or changing them to incorrect information.
  • Creating false information.
  • Spamming in any way in any section of the wiki.

Be A Good Person

Any misbehaviour on this wiki may result in ban.

Things Considered Misbehaviour

These are some things considered as misbehaviour:

  • Breaking policies.
  • Abuse of user rights.
  • Being unkind to/harassing other users.
  • Adding pages that are copyright violations.
  • Offensive or misleading usernames/avatars.
  • Abusing multiple accounts.
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