Shiho Ihara (伊原 シホ, Ihara Shiho) is one of the supporting characters of the Murenase! Seton Gakuen series.




Shiho is a young girl with short brown hair yellow eyes. She has an impala ears on her head and short hairy brown impala tail.


Shiho is quite cheerful and friendly, for which she is liked by her friends. As an impala, she is easily scared by predators and would run. She ended up feeling something for King Shishino and agreed to be his friends and spend more time with him.

As she grows closer to King and they become a couple, she takes the position of authority in the relationship and chides King when he does something wrong. This shows she has grown out of her past fear of him and his behavior from before, and she no longer panics when he does something wrong or scary when around her.


As an impala, Shiho boasts incredible leaping abilities, even for her own species, and is constantly breaking her records. Her current long jump record of 25 meters has been considered impressive among her fellow impalas, who usually average around 10 meters in jump distance.


Shiho is part of an athletic club and practice running and jumping. One day she got noticed by King, who fell in love and ended up sending his harem to inform her of his feelings, but she got scared of them. He later tried approaching her himself, but as he was looking intimidating, she was running away from him and he was ending up chasing her as he wanted to talk to her.

She got abducted by a lion and used as hostage against King, while the lion wanted to take over King's harem. Not wanting for Shiho to get hurt, King took a beating, but as the lion threatened to eat her after obtaining King's harem, King got angry and beat up the lions. He cut off his mane, knowing his harem will leave him because of it and asked the lion to release Shiho. As the lion did, King apologized for chasing Shiho, but he did it since he wanted to talk to her. She wondered for what he wanted to talk and King revealed his feelings. Shiho told him she wasn't in heat and the feelings weren't mutual, but suggested they can start as friends, which King gladly accepted and they ended up spending more time together.





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